Relocating to Slovenia

As a provider of relocation services we direct and manage the process of moving to Slovenia. Relocation services are encouraged to borrow or co-deteriorated professional relocation services that are familiar with the rules in Slovenia and enjoy a natural advantage (the language barrier, among other things) to implement policy. Finding accommodation, arranging administrative formalities (work permits, residence permits, letters of guarantee, visas, etc …), find a school for children (education), household help, doctors etc…

The most important goal for us is to ensure that the client is comfortably settled in their new environment and that all legal necessities and paperwork are provided on time. Our programs offer support to clients and their families during their stay in Slovenia. Everything from finding a family doctor to opening of a bank account can become a challenge. This can complicate the process of moving and impact negatively on work performance.

Please contact us or send us your request. We will answer on your request within 2 business days.