Looking for a Distributor / Dealer in Slovenia?

Are you looking for a distributor or a dealer in Slovenia? Or maybe for a representative, an agent or a business partner in Slovenia?

We looking for potential candidates (distributors, dealers …) that match your profile, contact the company, to organize meetings and presentations, present your company, products and services to them, determine their level of interest, etc. .. Formator LLC is a local company and we can do it for you. We can help you to check and / or enter the Slovenian market more smoothly. On top of that, you will save you time, travel and resources. You will send us a profile of your ‘client’ and Formator LLC will consult and support you, so you could find a reliable long term partner in the required time. We will develop a final report including an overview and profiles of the best matchmaking candidates.

We can be your representative in Slovenia. Also if you have any other business request referring to Slovenian market contact us and we will respond. For example, contact us if you are considering changing your current wholesaler / distributor / dealer for a variety of circumstances (e.g. bad performance, lack of communication, lack of confidence, etc …), please contact us if you need any administrative support, etc…

We respect our client’s privacy and keep information private and secure.

Searching for potential candidates (distributors, dealers…in Slovenia) that match your profiles
List and recommend best matchmaking candidates
Act as your representative in Slovenia
Company Registration
Investigate the similar products and markets in Slovenia
Administrative Support

Please contact us or send us your request. We will answer on your request within 2 business days.

We enjoy a natural advantage (language barriers among others) for enforcing policies.