Invest In Slovenia

Invest In Slovenia Real Estates & Property 

If you are looking for prime investment in Slovenia, we want to help you. We would be pleased if we could consult, prepare ‘Slovenia Investment List’ for you and contribute to one of your best investments.

There are many reasons to invest in Slovenian ownership. Slovenia is a country based on rule of law and buying real estate in Slovenia is a safe investment. As Slovenia is prime investment location it is more than its face value. Slovenia is a choice location for many businesses. It offers reasonable cost of living, high quality of life, quality workforce, multilingual citizens and much more. Slovenia is a full member of EU and very diverse.

Slovenia has a perfect geographic location. Located is at the cross-roads of transport routes, well-developed infrastructure, networks and platforms. In less than two hours you can change skiing for swimming or sailing or visit Slovenian Coast, mountainous Gorenjska, wine-growing regions, famous Kras, thermal springs in east, capital city of Ljubljana etc. …. Natural heritage of Slovenia, the green heart of Europe is a nice surprise for many investors from around the world.

We are not a Real-Estate company. So we have a chance to look at our client and recommend the best opportunities. We help our clients and agencies are pushing to secure the necessary papers as soon as possible. Once a proper property is found, we will assist in completing the necessary formalities, negotiations, translation, etc… We offer full support and thorough inspection of potential properties meeting your requirements.

Company established or purchased by foreign national(s) in Slovenia may own real estate without limitation. Various regimes apply to natural persons looking for investment in Slovenia.

Please contact us or send us your request. We will answer on your request within 2 business days.