After Registration

Services for Companies after Registration in Slovenia

Our services after registration represent important added value to foreign entity starting a business in Slovenia. If you want successfully start with business activities in a Slovenia, most of post–registration services need to carry out. We provide for trustworthy Accounting Company that will take care of accounting, bookkeeping, documentation and reports. We coordinate opening of a bank account so company can start business, pay for accounts, salaries etc… If you want your company to be VAT registered, you must apply for VAT registration etc… Below are post-registration services that clients most often operate.

Accounting Arrangement in Slovenia [more]
Transaction Account in Slovenia [more]
Business Premises / Office Search in Slovenia [more]
VAT and Tax Rules in Slovenia [more]
Tax Consultancy Arrangement in Slovenia
Local Partner Search in Slovenia [more]
Market Analysis in Slovenia [more]
Home Search in Slovenia [more]
Employee/Worker Search in Slovenia [more]
VAT Arrangement in Slovenia [more]
Domain Registration Arrangement in Slovenia [more]
Web site Hosting Arrangement in Slovenia [more]
Business Stamp in Slovenia [more]
Internet Operator Arrangement in Slovenia
Mobile / Phone Operator Arrangement in Slovenia

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