About Slovenia

A nation boasting more than a 1000-year long history, a pioneer in many fields with groundbreaking achievements often attributed to others, the Slovenians still have to work on the issues big nations take for granted.

One could argue that being small and nimble has helped Slovenian people to bow to mighty armies but not break under foreign rulers. A drawback of having to live in the big nations’ shadow is a vague idea where Slovenia exactly is and what its people are capable of doing, even though Slovenia’s membership of the European Union and practically all important international integrations is helping it to take its rightful place in the European family of nations.

Two million inhabitants can choose the lifestyle they want, move in and out the country fast and generally stress-free thanks to excellent infrastructure or do business in the cyberspace. A long industrial tradition and diligence the Slovenians are famous for guarantee a pool of industrious and talented workforce that take pride in a job well done. 

Foreign investors should come and see it all in person!